Visual Studio JavaScript & CSS Outlining

Sometimes it’s the little tools that really make your day.   I finally got fed up with my growing JavaScript files and thought it would be great if Visual Studio allowed me to collapse functions just like it does with c# and other source files.  So I did a Google search.   Well, Velio Ivanov created a great little Add on that does just this and for CSS too!  Thanks Velio!!!   Check it out:

CrystalQuartz for Quartz.Net 2

Quartz.Net is an awesome and robust framework for scheduling jobs within .Net.  It is based on the very popular Quartz for Java. Once you start using Quartz.Net very quickly you will want some sort of dashboard interface where you can view all the jobs that are running and other metrics. Well, before you go developing your own there are already a few out there.  While most are full ASP.Net WebForms or MVC apps there are a couple of axd dashboards which allow you to easily embed them in your website with only a few changes to your Web.Config.  Take aRead More

iPads at the Admin Level

At my school district we are starting to deploy iPads just as many others are.  While managing the vast number of iPads is still a difficult task there are several solutions and I hope that in a year a robust solution will be available. However, what I haven’t seen is a decent business case for iPads.  When you have administrators that have all their documents in a folder on the server, shared documents in their department networked folders and a wealth of sensitive data that needs to be used by various people there just doesn’t seem to be an easyRead More

IIS7 Won’t Respond Over SSL if No Certificate is Selected

Ugh, while the title of this post doesn’t sound like that much of an issue chalk this one up to an experience I hope someone else doesn’t have to deal with. We had an issue with our A/C unit in our data center last night and several of our servers were shut down due to excessive temperatures.  We are slowly brining them up as we are managing the cooling and they are all fairly coming up as normal. Some of the older servers reported errors with batteries or failed drives but these are fairly routine. However, we had one ofRead More

KeyNote on the iPad–A pleasure to use and a touch interface done right

Recently I’ve started using an iPad 2 in my work environment and I’ve been doing a few presentations about it.  So I was on the hunt for a decent presentation software.  I just picked up KeyNote on the iPad and I have to say I love it.  So much that I had to blog about it, and that’s saying a lot. KeyNote is a touch app done right.  There is a discussion going on that touch devices should have a touch O/S and a point and click device should have a point and click UI, and very rarely should theyRead More

Adding a group of computers to an AD Group using PowerShell

PowerShell is a lot of fun but I don’t always get to play with it.  Anytime I have to do large tasks that move a lot of simple data or AD type tasks then I’ll sometimes pull it out. Recently we installed Windows 7 across our district.  During that process we renamed all the computers because our old naming convention wasn’t always followed and it created a lot of confusion and inconsistency. All our library staff computers have a special application that allows them to download barcodes that are read using a handheld barcode scanner for inventories.  This previously wasRead More

Extending Your jQuery Application with Amplify.js

This was a pretty amazing article about how to extend your jQuery code even further using Amplify.js.  Elijah has a great writing style with very organized and clear examples.  He first starts out with what I think is a pretty nice and clean example app.  Then he proceeds to discuss various improvements he makes using Amplify.js and refactoring to various patterns that really start to bring out the flexibility of the app. Definitely take a look!

Microsoft Surface 2 with PixelSense

This is just amazing stuff.  When Microsoft Surface first came out you knew this was opening the door to the future.  All the flashy futuristic movies where video screens are interactive and everywhere, tables, walls, etc are now coming to reality. With Surface 2 they have really taken a huge leap forward.  Now they are using LCD screens with what they call PixelSense technology.  Along with R, G and B pixels there is now a fourth pixel that can detect in the infrared range.  The LCD screen actually can detect the objects on the table. What this does is changeRead More

The preferred way to change due dates in Destiny en masse

Destiny is the district-wide library system we use from Follett. One common request I get is to update a due date for a large number of books.  Usually this is because a librarian has checked out textbooks but then the end of the school year changes by a day, or the original checkout date was incorrect. If the due date is in the future, and you are on Destiny 9.9 or later, Destiny has a feature for this.  Simply click on the Circulation tab at the top, click the Renew tab at the left and select the By Date tabRead More

The Real Debate About Gaming in the Cloud and the Future of Technology

Toms Hardware has a lot of great tech news every day.  This one caught my eye from a gaming cloud vendor talking about where gaming was going.  Here’s a hint, he thinks it’s going to the cloud. I’m really surprised at a lot of the comments about the article. In fact, I was hard pressed to find a single optimistic one. A good percentage of the arguments seem to be that "games" should be physical media that you can buy in a store and touch. That’s the same argument music providers and purchasers were pushing 10 years ago. Now ifRead More