ESRI 2008 UC: Web Application Interface Design: The Design Process

Sorry, but this unfortunately was a real waste of time.  I only stayed 20 minutes and that’s because I was answering work email during the presentation.

The presenter had just a few slides each with a single word such as Research, Development, Production and he explained what he does in these phases.  It was the standard fair such as user interviews during the research phase, testing on equipment that models the user’s environment during development, etc.  There were no easy bullet points and there wasn’t any new knowledge at this point.  I didn’t see anything to do with the UI, but then again to be fair, I left early.  There really wasn’t any content of note unless you were an absolute novice in developing a webapp project for a client.

It may have gotten better after I left but I ended up jumping into the Working with GIS Services – The Developer’s View workshop.  Boy this is the one I should have been in!

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