“We have secretly replaced this user’s operating system with Vista. Let’s see what happens…”

It looks like Microsoft took a tip out of Folger’s marketing book.  🙂

This was pretty smart actually.  They took a bunch of Vista skeptics and asked them on video what they didn’t like about Vista.  MS got an earful.  Then Microsoft immediately showed them the new O/S, "Mojave". Most of the users were impressed and liked the direction MS was going.  Then the punch line: Mojave is Vista.

Once the users realized they were actually using Vista it helped to break down some of the negative feelings they had.

It’s a great idea, now Microsoft just has to figure out how to market this exact result to the masses.


As for me, I’m still an XP user.  I don’t hate Vista, it’s just that I see no reason to use it.  Upgrading from Win98 to W2k was an obvious boost in features and administration.  Win2k to XP (especially when SP2 came out) was also an obvious choice.  I just don’t see it with Vista.

I love flashy O/S’s so the UI really appeals to me.  But I’m also a speed freak.  I love my machines running at top performance and getting my work done.  I have yet to see a really nicely running Vista machine that takes as few clicks as XP does.  Granted XP was no speed demon when it came out on hardware over 5 years ago, but it just runs so well now that it’s hard to move unless I’m really getting a bundle of new features that affect my day to day work. 

Give me my quad-core with 4GB of ram and throw XP on it please. I like VS 2008 loading up in a few seconds.  🙂

Microsoft looks to ‘Mojave’ to revive Vista’s image | Beyond Binary – A blog by Ina Fried – CNET News.com


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