KeyNote on the iPad–A pleasure to use and a touch interface done right

Recently I’ve started using an iPad 2 in my work environment and I’ve been doing a few presentations about it.  So I was on the hunt for a decent presentation software.  I just picked up KeyNote on the iPad and I have to say I love it.  So much that I had to blog about it, and that’s saying a lot. Smile

KeyNote is a touch app done right.  There is a discussion going on that touch devices should have a touch O/S and a point and click device should have a point and click UI, and very rarely should they actually be merged.  That’s one reason why Windows on an iPad has never really worked and probably never will unless Windows 8 changes the game.

KeyNote is an example of a great app that is designed with the iPad as the only device it is intended for.  The entire interface is based on the touch/swipe model of the iPad, of course.  The UI is very intuitive and very easy to use .  All the interactions make perfect sense and are very easy to use, including adding images, sizing, rotating, adding animation effects, etc.  I’m amazed at the power of the editor while still being a simple touch device.

It’s nice being able to create presentations on the fly with it.  Had I not had Internet access when I was at the Ontario airport I would have been severely hampered when trying to create a recent iPad presentation on the fly.  Had I had KeyNote it would have been a snap other than the graphics I downloaded from Google Images.

I’ll be using KeyNote for the majority of my presentations from now on.  I’ll probably spring for the $0.99 KeyNote presenter remote app that allows me to control the presentation from my iPhone along with viewing what slide I’m on and the presentation notes.

It is just such a pleasure to use an app that blows away all expectations of the iPad and just makes perfect sense.  KeyNote hits the ball out of the park. I know it sounds like I’m an Apple fan boy but believe me, this app deserves it.

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