Baaaaad User!

I’m in the process of installing ArcGIS Server 9.3 and moving all our GIS data over to ArcSDE.  It’s been 6 months since the last ESRI UC so most of the time I’m reading over docs trying to remember all that I learned.   Anyway, our data is now in SDE.   I attempted to publish a locator service to the web.  Here’s what I got: Baaaaad login user!  No, no! I’m getting scolded by GIS!

ESRI 2008 UC: SQL Server 2008 and ArcGIS

I attended the Intro and Advanced sessions of Administration for SQL Server.  The intro was a pretty straight forward topic of installation and configuration for setting up ArcSDE with SQL Server. The interesting points were how ArcSDE integrates with SQL Server 2008.  As I mentioned in my talk on SQL Server 2008 at the IE .Net User Group storing spatial data in a SQL database is not a new thing, just new to SQL Server.  ArcGIS already has implementations to take advantage of server level spatial handling in Oracle, DB2 and possibly others.  Only in 9.3 are SQL Server 2008Read More

SQL 2008 RTM’d!!!

I’m in the SQL Server SIG lunch at the ESRI 2008 UC. Ed Katibah (Spatial Program Manager at Microsoft) just announced that earlier this morning he received an email that SQL Server 2008 has officially gone RTM (Release to Manufacturing). This is great.  The last few months it’s been stated that SQL Server 2008 would hit the market Q3 of 2008.  I guess this means they are officially on track! Wahoo!

ESRI 2008 UC: ArcGIS Server – The Developers Perspective

All I can say is WOW!  I should have gone to this one instead of the Web Application Interface Design: The Design Process.  This is what I was looking for. Unfortunately I missed the first 20 minutes but they showed some incredible access to GIS data and tools using REST and SOAP. lf you are web app developer and deal with a lot of data definitely check out REST.  It’s a really neat strategy for manipulating data.  With .Net 3.5 Microsoft is building it into their data access model.  From my buddy James’ presentation on it it’s still a littleRead More

ESRI 2008 UC: Web Application Interface Design: The Design Process

Sorry, but this unfortunately was a real waste of time.  I only stayed 20 minutes and that’s because I was answering work email during the presentation. The presenter had just a few slides each with a single word such as Research, Development, Production and he explained what he does in these phases.  It was the standard fair such as user interviews during the research phase, testing on equipment that models the user’s environment during development, etc.  There were no easy bullet points and there wasn’t any new knowledge at this point.  I didn’t see anything to do with the UI,Read More

ESRI 2008 UC: Advanced Geocoding

There are a few new features in geocoding in 9.3 but there are also several other fundamental tools I didn’t know about.  So I’ll just go over a few of the options that are pretty great. I came into our GIS system 2 and a half years ago and it was handed to me the same way it was handed to the last guy.  I got the software, tools and shown the ESRI site with tutorials.  What this means is there are a lot of fundamental practices and features that I simply don’t know about.  It’s sometimes hard to findRead More

ESRI 2008 UC: Plenary Session

The main presentation by Jack Dangermond was pretty good, as was last year’s.  It’s a good mix of what is new in ArcGIS 9.3, what users are doing in the field, what’s coming on the horizon, and an overall impact of GIS in the world.  From a technical point of view here are just a few of the new features in 9.3.  There are way too many to list so take a look at the ESRI site if you want a comprehensive list. Reverse Geocoding This has been a long time coming and a hot item on the request.  ThisRead More

ESRI 2008 UC: Start up

Well, I’m here at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA. I’m the GIS admin at Val Verde USD and this is the 2nd time I’ve been here.  I have to say, that this is one of the best conferences I’ve been to.  Not only in content, but the actual logistics of the entire event.  The San Diego Convention Center is a great place, very easy to get around, clean, with lots of nearby restaurants of any food type.  Just the shear amount of people in attendance is a logistical nightmare, but everything is always very orderly and wellRead More

ESRI’s ArcGIS still in the 80’s

This is an argument I’ve had ever since using the ESRI products almost 3 years ago. ESRI by far is the leader in GIS software. They literally helped to make the industry what it is today. Unfortunately a lot of the code base still is back in the stone-age (technically speaking). The ESRI products are your typical “kitchen sink” set of applications. They do anything and everything for everyone. The software we use at our school district is the exact same software used by small business, big business, emergency services, utility services and military. The only differentiation is our dataRead More