My MIX09 Schedule

Well, soon I’ll be off to MIX09! I can’t wait to go, but already we’re off to a rocky start.  The first Keynote starts at 9am with registration and the breakfast anytime before that.  That’s not bad but I probably won’t even show up in Vegas until 2am that morning to say nothing of checking in and finally falling asleep.  This is because we have our Inland Empire .Net User Group the night before.  Tom Opgenorth is presenting on ASP.Net MVC.  He is a great speaker and this is a great topic.  Tom is the guy who got me backRead More

“Twitch” Coined on Twitter Fan Wiki – Glossary

OK, sometimes you get a small opportunity to change the world.  And in this case, only the crickets can offer their “chirp, chirp”. 🙂 That’s them saying, “uh, you did something?  Sorry, no one noticed.” 🙂 I’m a recent Twitter convert and I just got off a recent binge.  Feel free to follow me at @MattPenner if you so desire. Anyway, I made a typo in one of my tweets.  It, of course, caused me to re-tweet with a correction.  So, my off-topic mind asked the question, “what is a typo called in Twitter?”  If you don’t know, there areRead More

Recorded sessions from Code Camp?

I record the monthly presentations at the Inland Empire .Net Users Group.  I’m half way done developing the distribution area for our groups website.  This is taking a while because I have no free time!  J/K, I’m also guilty of putting in the kitchen sink.  I’m creating it so that users will have a single place for all session content including a Silverlight player for video, access to downloads such as slides and code as well as ratings and content.  Will be nice, if I ever get it done! Anyway, back to the topic.  Is anyone interested in recorded sessionsRead More

Baaaaad User!

I’m in the process of installing ArcGIS Server 9.3 and moving all our GIS data over to ArcSDE.  It’s been 6 months since the last ESRI UC so most of the time I’m reading over docs trying to remember all that I learned.   Anyway, our data is now in SDE.   I attempted to publish a locator service to the web.  Here’s what I got: Baaaaad login user!  No, no! I’m getting scolded by GIS!

World’s first flying car prepares for take-off

Check this out: I think an idea like this is a bit far off yet.  Sure, the technology and physical product may be ready fairly soon, but I doubt the FAA is ready to let any person just jump in the air flying over buildings and roads.  If I run out of gas right now I coast to the side of the road.  You run out of gas in one of these things and you may be wishing you topped off before you left for the last time. 🙂 However, think of what the world would be like withoutRead More

Microsoft Surface: SecondLight

If you know anything about Microsoft Surface than this will probably peek your interest.  Things like this may just be eye candy for now, but you can see in just a matter of years (or less) the way we interact with computers in our daily lives will be drastically different. I don’t mean the way we all normally use computers, but how we do everything else.  Look at the way people are using phones now.  They play games, text around the world, get driving directions, take videos and pictures, listen to music and a whole host of other things weRead More

The anatomy of the first video game   This was a pretty fun read.  The only oscilloscopes I’ve ever used was during my physics class in high school (we weren’t allowed to touch it) and during my engineering labs at Cal Poly.  It’s fun to see something like this.  Check out the video towards the middle if you want to see it in action. 🙂

SQL Injection Attacks

What fun.  Looks like a good friend of mine, James Johnson (also the president of the IE .Net User’s Group) got attacked by a potential SQL injection.  Fortunately he’s pretty up on his secure coding so it wasn’t a problem.  Props to James! Anyway, he threw it my way because he thought I’d be interested.  Was a pretty nasty one.  Take a look at his write up and you can also see my comments there.