Making F1 Do Something Useful in Visual Studio

Have you ever wished that hitting the F1 key in Visual Studio actually returned good search results in a quick manner?  Personally I think the F1 key returns decent results, but there certainly are a lot out there who don’t.  I mostly work in .Net so I’m in the camp of users that F1 works well for. The think I really don’t like though is the 30 seconds or so it takes to launch the help window.  Once you’re there navigation is pretty painful. For the last several years I’ve all but abandoned F1 and just search Google with “msdn”Read More

Windows 7 Phone, on it’s way!

We had a great time at the Inland Empire launch of the new Windows 7 Phone.  I got to present on developing for the phone along with Dustin Davis and Oscar Azmitia.  James Johnson and the Inland Empire .Net Users Group hosted the event at DeVry University.  Fun was had by all. I recorded the sessions so I will have them up soon for all to see how we did. Take care and happy developing!

Apple releases its MacPaint source code to the Computer History Museum

This was a fun article I just ran across at Business Week: I used Mac Paint on the Mac Plus and I would definitely call it revolutionary.  Yes the Amiga, and several others, came out with competing or better products, however, for me in a new Mac world coming from the IBM PC clone world this was amazing.  And, in contrast to one commenter who said it was a neat demo and nothing more, we used this in our desktop publishing all the time.  We could finally create and manipulate graphics and logos for newsletters, business cards, etc.  ForRead More

We’re all still kids, just with bigger toys

I just saw this article:,10319.html It’s an amazing feat by Will Urbina.  He has an amazing tool shop and knowledge on how to use them.  He custom built his own Small Form Factor case that holds 8 2TB drives for a total of 14 TB raided.  Pretty amazing. I would count this as a great version 1.0 product.  The two changes I would make for v2.0 would be: 1) Accessibility: I would mount each drive into a removable tray. Changing the drives out is going to be a bear. Having removable trays would not only make this a snapRead More

Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii – What a fun game!

I don’t know if you ever played any of the Metroid games on the classic Nintendo.  I did and loved them. I just picked up the new Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii.   It’s actually the first two trilogy games that came out on the Nintendo GameCube and the final chapter that came out on the Wii.  The GameCube versions were revamped to use the Wii controllers. I have to say, this is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a long time.  I’ve played a few first person shooters on the XBOX or PS2 but the controlsRead More

My Planned VHD Organization

In my last post I talked about wanting to move my entire computing environment over to VHDs.  Not just a development environment or test environments but everything.  This would include a general work VHD for my wife and I, a video production VHD for all my video stuff, a production development VHD, various server VHDs (mostly for use during development using Virtual PC) and whatever test VHDs I want.  I would no longer be booting into a standard operating system installation as we have been since the beginning of personal computers. Some of you might be thinking,”Why in the worldRead More

Netflix and the Extinction of DVDs, et al

It was recently announced that Netflix will add streaming to the Nintendo Wii as one of its capabilities.  They already stream to personal computers, the Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation and various small devices. As we just received a Wii for Christmas I am excited to try this out. As a technology geek I have long thought out how to move my entire media collection (photos and personal videos, music and DVDs) to a computer in our house that we could watch from any tv or listen on any stereo.  This is already easily done but the funds are a littleRead More

When I have a microphone is it a mic or a mike?

Hah, this one has plagued me for years.  Not anything serious but it’s bugged me every time I have write something in past tense.  For instance, “I miced the stage.”  That just looks weird. So, today I finally did a search on mic versus mike and I found this great article from Sam Bayer: A little heavy on the academic side if you’re not into that but it’s a great detailed explanation of his vote for mike.  I have to agree with most everything Sam says.  So, I guess to save my sanity when usine mike as a verbRead More