Alternating Ordered List Item Styles

We have Policies and Procedures document that we are making available on our website.  This document in its entirety easily spans several hundred pages and has a pretty lengthy table of contents.  To help make this easy to navigate and easier to consume we are posting several of the larger topics as individual documents and making them available from a linked table of contents that is created as a web page. The requirement is that the table of contents uses different numbering styles at each indentation.  So, for instance, the outline below: Topic A    Sub-topic A.1    Sub-topic A.2Read More

Hacking your vendor’s product; sometimes good, sometimes not

We have a particular web product that we use for all of our clients.  It is a pretty incredible system and has several hundred clients.  We are one of their largest ones so, between our implementation, and their normal customer needs its understandable why they cannot accomodate every one of our requests right away. That being said, there was one slight “feature” that went slightly against one of our policies.  So, what to do?  Well, I put on my curiously tipped white hat and go to work.  One of the cool features of the system is they allow us, theRead More

Windows 7 Phone, on it’s way!

We had a great time at the Inland Empire launch of the new Windows 7 Phone.  I got to present on developing for the phone along with Dustin Davis and Oscar Azmitia.  James Johnson and the Inland Empire .Net Users Group hosted the event at DeVry University.  Fun was had by all. I recorded the sessions so I will have them up soon for all to see how we did. Take care and happy developing!

Why we switched from WebEx to Adobe Connect

We had been using WebEx at my work to allow us to hold online meetings.  We are very small scale and only use it once or twice a month, but when we do it really comes in handy.  Once a month or so we have a user group meeting with our 22 districts across Riverside County.  If all our attendees came in person some of them would be driving over 4 hours roundtrip for a 2 hour meeting.  Not fun nor economically and environmentally friendly.  Online meeting software was definitely a requirement here. WebEx was what I was used toRead More

Praise for Meeting One – Adobe Connect vendor

In today’s Internet world where everything is automatic and at the tip of my finger the need (and room) for personal service quickly disappears.  As a fast paced individual myself I actually lean more towards automated solutions.  Often I can find an answer, directions, a phone number, a solution on a development or IT problem, etc in a matter of seconds on the Internet rather than asking someone.  It’s because of this, and having to deal with pushy vendors in various past, that have made me largely anti-salesman.  If I can purchase something online with a credit card number andRead More

Apple releases its MacPaint source code to the Computer History Museum

This was a fun article I just ran across at Business Week: I used Mac Paint on the Mac Plus and I would definitely call it revolutionary.  Yes the Amiga, and several others, came out with competing or better products, however, for me in a new Mac world coming from the IBM PC clone world this was amazing.  And, in contrast to one commenter who said it was a neat demo and nothing more, we used this in our desktop publishing all the time.  We could finally create and manipulate graphics and logos for newsletters, business cards, etc.  ForRead More

A Great Resource for Different Strategies on Concatenating SQL Results

In every DBA’s career I think having to concatenate results happens at least a few times.  Probably more than we like to admit because we tend to live in table-land.  :)  However, there are those occasions, which are usually driven by some downstream requirement to format output.  Now, I know that formatting should be handled by whatever data viewing method you are using, but sometimes that just isn’t possible or practical.  Other times it may just be that we need to transform data from one system to another and that other system is not as normalized as the tables youRead More

We’re all still kids, just with bigger toys

I just saw this article:,10319.html It’s an amazing feat by Will Urbina.  He has an amazing tool shop and knowledge on how to use them.  He custom built his own Small Form Factor case that holds 8 2TB drives for a total of 14 TB raided.  Pretty amazing. I would count this as a great version 1.0 product.  The two changes I would make for v2.0 would be: 1) Accessibility: I would mount each drive into a removable tray. Changing the drives out is going to be a bear. Having removable trays would not only make this a snapRead More

Spell-check, suggest as you type, etc – Are we efficient or just lazy?

I’ve been using spell-check since the day it was available years ago on my first computer and word processor,  a Victor 9000 with Multimate.  This was back in 6th grade for me and later through my academic career.  I have great belief that my lack of ability to spell complex words off the top of my head are directly related to the fact that I didn’t have to know how to spell all the time.  I used a computer for that. Technology progressed from there and soon Microsoft had Word correcting misspelled words as we typed.  Soon they were offeringRead More

Building a .Net 3.5 Web App on Windows Server 2000 with only .Net 2.0

I am upgrading an older web app of ours as I referenced in my last blog post.  This was originally a straight html app with no dynamic content at all.  I created a .Net ASPX web app out of it and used LINQ to quickly and easily create a survey form that our users could fill out.  It worked great on my machine. Unfortunately the happy ending got derailed when I deployed it to our web server.  Our web server is an ancient Windows 2000 server box with IIS 5.  this is because it’s where all our main apps ourRead More