Windows 7 Phone, on it’s way!

We had a great time at the Inland Empire launch of the new Windows 7 Phone.  I got to present on developing for the phone along with Dustin Davis and Oscar Azmitia.  James Johnson and the Inland Empire .Net Users Group hosted the event at DeVry University.  Fun was had by all. I recorded the sessions so I will have them up soon for all to see how we did. Take care and happy developing!

epiphan VGA2USB is a no go on Windows 7

I’ve been attempting to record our presentations at the Inland Empire .Net Users Group for a while now.  epiphan graciously donated one of their VGA2USB products to help us capture the presenter’s live screen without having to install any software.  It’s been really helpful.  I just upgraded to an HP dv7t 3000 core i7 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  Apparently epiphan’s 64-bit driver doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7 Ultimate 64.  While their bundled video recording software captures the input just fine I have not been able to capture anything other than a one second black video usingRead More

My Planned VHD Organization

In my last post I talked about wanting to move my entire computing environment over to VHDs.  Not just a development environment or test environments but everything.  This would include a general work VHD for my wife and I, a video production VHD for all my video stuff, a production development VHD, various server VHDs (mostly for use during development using Virtual PC) and whatever test VHDs I want.  I would no longer be booting into a standard operating system installation as we have been since the beginning of personal computers. Some of you might be thinking,”Why in the worldRead More

Converting my entire production environment to VHDs

Ever since virtual PC type systems have been out, long has been the dream to run any type of operating system you want, multiple operating systems at the same time, all working independently of each other. However, only in the last year or two has this really become a reality with the latest hardware supporting virtual environments natively.  Now Windows 7 lets you boot off of a VHD as if it was a standard hard drive making full use of your actual hardware devices. After attending Stephen Rose’s presentation on Virtualization 101 for Developers my eyes were suddenly open toRead More