TortoiseSVN – What’s the point of Clean Up and why doesn’t it work?

This was a question I got from a colleague today.  In my experience (which certainly isn’t exhaustive) a clean up is required when I’ve done something that svn didn’t expect.  Typically this is where I’ve manipulated files on my own without using the TortoiseSVN tools.  Eventually they get in such a state that svn simply doesn’t know how to resolve things.  One example comes to mind where I have deleted my .svn folder in a directory.  Now, according to svn, that directory is suddenly missing and an unversioned directory of the exact same name exists, and therefore cannot be replaced.Read More

Searching for a past committed file in SVN

Recently a colleague asked me how to search for a file in SVN. Apparently someone on the team had deleted it and then committed the project. Unfortunately no one knew who or when and it was now causing a problem. If you use TortoiseSVN there is a really great way to get a lot of information on your revisions, including searching for files. Simply right-click on the project folder (not the repository folder), go to the TortoiseSVN menu and click Show Log. This will bring up a log browser for every revision on the project. You can select a revisionRead More