Extending Your jQuery Application with Amplify.js

This was a pretty amazing article about how to extend your jQuery code even further using Amplify.js.  Elijah has a great writing style with very organized and clear examples.  He first starts out with what I think is a pretty nice and clean example app.  Then he proceeds to discuss various improvements he makes using Amplify.js and refactoring to various patterns that really start to bring out the flexibility of the app. Definitely take a look! http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/scriptjunkie/hh147623.aspx

Alternating Ordered List Item Styles

We have Policies and Procedures document that we are making available on our website.  This document in its entirety easily spans several hundred pages and has a pretty lengthy table of contents.  To help make this easy to navigate and easier to consume we are posting several of the larger topics as individual documents and making them available from a linked table of contents that is created as a web page. The requirement is that the table of contents uses different numbering styles at each indentation.  So, for instance, the outline below: Topic A    Sub-topic A.1    Sub-topic A.2Read More

When Bad UI Sticks Around – JavaScript Alert Boxes

We recently migrated from one online IEP vendor to another.  This is a program for collecting and managing Special Ed information, but it is an enterprise app and worthy of critique and comment.  They do a great job, but there are some small UI issues I wish could be fixed. For instance, when you enter data onto a form and try to leave the form without saving they do a nice job of alerting you that you are about to lose the valuable data you just entered.  However, there is a catch: Ouch, did you read that correctly?  “Hit CANCELRead More

Hacking your vendor’s product; sometimes good, sometimes not

We have a particular web product that we use for all of our clients.  It is a pretty incredible system and has several hundred clients.  We are one of their largest ones so, between our implementation, and their normal customer needs its understandable why they cannot accomodate every one of our requests right away. That being said, there was one slight “feature” that went slightly against one of our policies.  So, what to do?  Well, I put on my curiously tipped white hat and go to work.  One of the cool features of the system is they allow us, theRead More

Microsoft to include jQuery in Visual Studio

This is absolutely amazing.  If you’ve never used jQuery definitely check it out.  Ever since James Johnson (president of the Inland Empire .Net User’s Group) did a presentation on it last year I’ve been hooked.  It’s is an outstanding JavaScript framework that actuallly makes JavaScript a pleasure to use. As a classically trained developer I’ve always approached JavaScript as a tool to use only when absolutely necessary and as a last resort.  Dealing with cross browser compatibility and just plain frustration over the language has made JavaScript a tool of evil in my development toolbelt. With jQuery I not onlyRead More

ESRI 2008 UC: Plenary Session

The main presentation by Jack Dangermond was pretty good, as was last year’s.  It’s a good mix of what is new in ArcGIS 9.3, what users are doing in the field, what’s coming on the horizon, and an overall impact of GIS in the world.  From a technical point of view here are just a few of the new features in 9.3.  There are way too many to list so take a look at the ESRI site if you want a comprehensive list. Reverse Geocoding This has been a long time coming and a hot item on the request.  ThisRead More

jQuery and jFlip – Wow!

jQuery never ceases to amaze me. Almost makes me want to go into JavaScript programming as a career. 🙂 One line of jQuery code to get that cool page flipping effect. No Flash needed. $(“#g1″).jFlip(300,300,{background:”green”,cornersTop:false}); http://www.jquery.info/scripts/jFlip/demo.html