Recorded sessions from Code Camp?

I record the monthly presentations at the Inland Empire .Net Users Group.  I’m half way done developing the distribution area for our groups website.  This is taking a while because I have no free time!  J/K, I’m also guilty of putting in the kitchen sink.  I’m creating it so that users will have a single place for all session content including a Silverlight player for video, access to downloads such as slides and code as well as ratings and content.  Will be nice, if I ever get it done! Anyway, back to the topic.  Is anyone interested in recorded sessionsRead More

Multiple Displays on a Laptop

Technorati Tags: DisplayLink,USB-DVI,Multiple Displays Two of the main reasons why I’ve never switched to a laptop as my main platform is performance and multiple display support.   With today’s laptop performance is almost nil.  The cost compared to desktops is almost trivial and the performance a laptop can offer these days is absolutely incredible.  Unless I am a performance nut, such as someone working in film or audio editing and you need quad-core processors, four hard drives and 8 GB of ram a laptop can usually fit all your needs these days.  If you’re a gamer they even have laptopsRead More