The Importance of Proper Date Calculations

There are a million blog posts on this sort of thing but it just bit us so I thought I’d add mine to the mix. Date calculations can be notoriously difficult depending on the language you are using.  However, DO NOT succumb to the desire to "fake" it as our vendor did.  Here’s what happened: In California every school has to submit data for their special ed students/programs to receive proper funding.  This is called a CASEMIS report, and reporting day is every June 30th and December 1st. For CASEMIS if a child is under 6 they are in oneRead More

SQL Data Auditing

In an ideal world you would design your applications so that your users could never enter bad data.  Well, that’s not always possible for some technical reasons and for 3rd party apps you’re at the mercy of the vendor.   One case in point is our Student Information System (SIS) at the Val Verde Unified School District.  It does a great job and we love it, but as a developer it does have its cons.  The database isn’t as normalized as I would prefer and sometimes their data model just seems weird.  Granted it is a Microsoft Access UI thatRead More

Why Free Training Is Good

Back in the good old days, when MS Office simply was Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, we all knew what Office was and why we needed it.  It was similar with other market leading programs such as WordPerfect and Lotus 123, Photoshop, QuickBooks or PeachTree, etc. By my list of software above you may be trying to figure out what I mean by "way back when".  Let’s pinpoint this time period as cerca 1995. The world was great.  Well, not great, but it was less confusing. :)  For the general consumer there was only a few operating systems to chooseRead More