What’s the shelf life of a techie?

A valued colleague just sent me this interesting article: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-company/corporate-trends/whats-the-shelf-life-of-a-techie-just-15-years/articleshow/17251620.cms It proposes that the shelf life of a techy is only 15 years.  One leader interviewed claims that the 20 something’s in an organization provide more value than the 35 year olds. Definitely interesting and provocative. I’ve had these same fears (now that I am 35 myself). I remember what I used to think of my “elders” back when I was in my early 20’s. They were behind the times and couldn’t seem to mentally get out of 1st gear. Now that I’m the mid-thirty guy I have a sinkingRead More

CrystalQuartz for Quartz.Net 2

Quartz.Net is an awesome and robust framework for scheduling jobs within .Net.  It is based on the very popular Quartz for Java. Once you start using Quartz.Net very quickly you will want some sort of dashboard interface where you can view all the jobs that are running and other metrics. Well, before you go developing your own there are already a few out there.  While most are full ASP.Net WebForms or MVC apps there are a couple of axd dashboards which allow you to easily embed them in your website with only a few changes to your Web.Config.  Take aRead More

iPads at the Admin Level

At my school district we are starting to deploy iPads just as many others are.  While managing the vast number of iPads is still a difficult task there are several solutions and I hope that in a year a robust solution will be available. However, what I haven’t seen is a decent business case for iPads.  When you have administrators that have all their documents in a folder on the server, shared documents in their department networked folders and a wealth of sensitive data that needs to be used by various people there just doesn’t seem to be an easyRead More

When Do You Blog?

I’m fairly busy with a load of tasks at work, but often I use a fun technology or enhance my learning when I can’t find a solution on Google and I think these would make good blog posts. The problem is finding the time to actually write them. Writing a blog post (at least for me) is often more than just typing for a few minutes. It involves code samples, occasional screen shots, previewing and making corrections and then finally posting. For a somewhat in-depth post this can take an hour or several. I have a running set of potentialRead More

Fixing corrupted Word 2007 docs using DiskInternals’ Zip Repair

A colleague recently came to me because she had a long running Word 2007 document that no longer would open.  When we attempted to open it in Word it would state that the document was corrupted.  It prompted us to use the built-in repair tool but that was unable to fix the problem. Knowing that a Word 2007 document (actually, any Office 2007 document) is just a zip file containing xml files inside, I attempted to open the file using 7-zip.  At the very least I was hoping we could extract the raw text and my co-worker could just reformatRead More

Some Things will Never Change – Yet Another Project Scrapped

As some of you may remember I work for the Riverside County SELPA.  It’s an organization that handles Special Ed data for 22 districts in Riverside County, CA. Twice a year we submit a huge amount of data to the state for state and federal reporting. Our school districts send letters out to students/parents where the student dropped out or exited last year. The state basically wants to know their education and employment status since they left Special Ed. We barely get any letters back so this year we thought to allow parents to enter their info online. Fun andRead More

30+ revisions to your email?

This was an interesting article on HarvardBusiness.org: “How to Revise an Email So That People Will Read It” http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org/silverman/2009/04/how-to-revise-an-email-so-that.html In it David Silverman puts forth the benefits of revising your emails before sending.  He has some great points and tips like: “…regardless of the source, the advice is sound: no email should be clicked-to-send without revision.” “[Tip #] 9. Shorten. Remember the reader struggling to digest your message on the run — a BlackBerry or an iPhone gets about 40 words per screen. What looks short on your desktop monitor is an epic epistle on their mobile device.” However, heRead More

printerSettings1.bin in Office 2007 Documents Getting Flagged by Email Filter

I got caught by this one.  A colleague of mine got this response when trying to send an email message containing several attachments to a user: This is an automated message from the xxxx Email Security Appliance at host xxxx.xxxx.xxxx. A mail from you (xxxx) to (multiple recipients) was stopped and Discarded because it contains one or more forbidden attachments. Summary of email contents: Attachment: PBSP Terminology Guide.pdf Attachment: FAA_Sample_BICM.DOC Attachment: Behavioral Deficit Observation Form.docx Attachment: [Content_Types].xml Attachment: .rels Attachment: document.xml.rels Attachment: document.xml Attachment: header1.xml Attachment: theme1.xml Attachment: thumbnail.jpeg Attachment: settings.xml Attachment: printerSettings1.bin printerSettings1.bin    forbidden attachment (detected as ”) (filename)Read More

Budget cuts for schools, what to do?

My wife just sent me an email from her Moms Club.  One of the mothers is a teacher at a local district and sent a request for suggestions to all the members of the club.  Apparently her district, in light of the budget crisis in California, is forming a committee of community members and is soliciting applicants or simply suggestions from local individuals.  This is basically a search for ideas from the community on how to save costs and improve schools. I thought this was great.  As an employee of the Val Verde Unified School District and a father ofRead More

Back to Postin’!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.  The problem is I see a lot of cool little things and think, oh, everyone’s probably seen this already, and never post about it.  Well, that will change.  Not everyone has seen everything and my co-workers and I share lots of great links and such about cool things we find.  So I’ll start posting this stuff.  If nothing else, it should make a fun set of links for people to check out.