CrystalQuartz for Quartz.Net 2

Quartz.Net is an awesome and robust framework for scheduling jobs within .Net.  It is based on the very popular Quartz for Java.

Once you start using Quartz.Net very quickly you will want some sort of dashboard interface where you can view all the jobs that are running and other metrics.

Well, before you go developing your own there are already a few out there.  While most are full ASP.Net WebForms or MVC apps there are a couple of axd dashboards which allow you to easily embed them in your website with only a few changes to your Web.Config.  Take a look at CrystalQuartz or QuartzNetWebConsole.

After looking at both I chose CrystalQuartz because it seemed to be easier to implement with  my particular site and I liked the dashboard a little better.  I encourage you to look at the latest version of both and make your own decision.

Unfortunately I was using the beta version 2 of  This is a great version and if you are just starting out I recommend it because it is much more intuitive than the current 1.0 release. 

That being said, CrystalQuartz (nor QuartzNetWebConsole) is not compatible with Quartz.Net v2.  So I made a few tweaks to the code and now it works great.

Feel free to download my version here:

CrystalQuartz Compatible with Quarts.Net

I’ve contacted the CrystalQuartz team about adding my additions to their project but I have not heard anything back.  I’d love to fold my changes into their codebase so that it can be properly maintained and help others out.  However, in the mean time I’ve received a few requests for my changes so I’m making them available here.  I am not planning on maintaining this so if there are breaking changes as Quartz.Net v2 nears production then I may or may not have the time to update my copy of CrystalQuartz.  I do expect the CrystalQuartz team to come out with a v2 version that works with Quartz.Net when it is finally released.